Integrated media planning for TV & online

It has long been difficult to reach target groups via classic TV. Stailamedia supports you in implementing your TV strategy and associated media planning cross-medially. Irrespective of whether you are conducting planning with the current market tools or with ones you have developed yourself – we support you in developing the constantly growing options in the TV of the future, via established planning sizes from TV.

  • You set up your cross-media moving image strategy.

  • You plan TV and Online in your usual tools and KPIs: GRP, CCP and net reach.

  • You establish combined display schedules and book online TV in the same way as classic TV.

  • Your campaign runs and builds up GRP.

  • You receive reports from various providers from classic TV and from SNV4TV.

  • You bring together reports and can provide your customers with information on the cross-media performance values of their campaigns.